Discover how to Boost your Business with Facebook

How to understand Facebook and benefit from your social presence the Right Way ! | Your teacher today Jim Crowes

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Marketing on Facebook, Learn the Real Effective Techniques to market your product and services on Facebook

Do you want to master Facebook ? Have you tried but got overwhelmed by the sheer options possibilities ? It was the same for me, so I spent time and money understanding how to create a good Marketing Funnel on Facebook. I show you here concrete steps that are easy, effective and logical to implement:

8 Steps to Facebook Marketing Efficiency

  • Step 1: Pick your Topic… Identify your target market…
  • Step 2: Create your Facebook Page Account… the right one…
  • Step 3: Create your Cover Image… not breaking the rules…
  • Step 4: Create your Profile Picture… avoiding confusion…
  • Step 5: Create the “About” section… engaging the visitor…
  • Step 6: Using Facebook Tabs… absolutely amazing…
  • Step 7: Posting… getting the most out of it…
  • Step 8: Getting Likes… quickly and safely…

and more tips and resources as bonuses .

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Jim  Crowes
Jim Crowes

If You need any help, please contact me anytime at : jim (@)

Course Curriculum

How to Boost Your Business with Facebook
Let's Roll Up our Sleeves & Get Started !
Discover what a Facebook page is
8 steps to master Facebook Marketing / Step 1
Step2: Create a Facebook Account
Step 3 Create your Cover Image
Step 4: Create your profile picture
Step 5: Create a great About Section
Step 6: Learn how to use custom tabs
Step 7: Posting
Step 8: Gettinglikes
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