Tone Your Arms

Your teacher today Cathy Piot

Course description

I created this program for women who try to cope with all their daily tasks and duties, whilst also trying to stay fit and look good!

As a woman, I guess you want to wear nice flattering dresses and tops.

But if your arms look skinny, shapeless, fat, flabby, or show cellulite, it is not really attractive, is it?

Unfortunately, arms, if not trained, will remain shapeless.

Even if you don’t have weight issues, the truth is that it is difficult to create a nice toned look in the arms.

If, on the other hand, you do carry extra weight on your frame, chances are that your arms are suffering as well.

Toning the arm muscles will make a huge difference in your overall appearance.

This brings me to proper nutrition.

It is necessary to adapt the way you eat to achieve the best possible result(s).

That is why in this program, I also speak about nutrition – so that you can use a complete approach for obtaining maximum results.

I will show you how to get in the best shape ever, progressing within a 3-month period.

In this step-by- step approach you will learn what exercises to do in the comfort of your home, and with limited equipment.

If you have access to a gym, you will learn how to incorporate the exercises in your regular routine, and how to use more equipment and heavier weights as you progress.

Enjoy Your New Toned Arms!

Cathy Piot
Cathy Piot
Nutrition & Fitness Professional

Hi, my name is Catherine Piot and I am here to help you transform your body. I work as a coach and fitness and nutrition consultant trainer.

Course Curriculum

Tone Your Arms Step by Step over 3 Months
How to start and what you will need FREE PREVIEW
Let's talk about Nutrition
Doing the Exercises the right way - How Much Weight to use ...
What about Cardio ?
Supplements !
Let's talk about the Exercises : Terms to know, Rest Time, Supersets
Month 1 : The first 2 Weeks
Month 2 : Increased Workout
Month 3 : Final Effort !
Month 1: Shoulders
Shoulders Press
Lateral Raise
Front Raise Alternating
Month 1: Biceps
Biceps Curl Alternating
Hammer Curl
Outside Curl Both Arms
Month 1: Triceps
Overhead Tricep Extension-Both Arms
Single Arm Tricep Kickback
The First Month Step By Step
Time To Ramp Up !
Month 2: How To Do The Exercises (Instructions)
Month 2: Shoulders
Shoulder Press Standing Superset With Front Raise Alternative
Lateral Raise Superset With Upright Row
Lateral Holds
Month 2 : Biceps & Triceps
Biceps Curl Superset With Overhead Triceps Extension
Hammer Curl Super Set With Triceps Kickback
Next Level : Month 3
Month 3: How To Do The Exercises (Instructions)
Month 3: Exercises
Hammer Curls Superset Single Arm Lateral Raise
Lateral Raises To Bicep Curl Both Arms Superset
Shoulder Press Superset With Upright Row
Biceps Curl Super set with Overhead Triceps Extension
Outside Curls Super Set With Deeps