How to Get Lean Legs & Round Glutes

Your teacher today Cathy Piot

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The Lean Legs & Round Glutes 3-month program

I created this program to help any woman, who tries to manage it all, and wants to be fit and look good.

Unfortunately, the legs and glutes are the weakest part for most women. They are also difficult to shape, if you don't know how and where to start.

Even for those who have no weight issues – creating a nice shapely look in their lower body is not always easy.

In this program, I will show you how to get the best shape ever and how to progress within a 3 month period.

In this step-by-step approach, you will learn what exercises to do in the comfort of your home, and with limited equipment. One more thing,

Cathy Piot
Cathy Piot
Nutrition & Fitness Professional

Hi, my name is Catherine Piot and I am here to help you transform your body. I work as a coach and fitness and nutrition consultant trainer.

You can contact me anytime at cpiot

Course Curriculum

Course Overview
How to Start With The Program
Special Disclaimer FREE PREVIEW
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The Exercises
Before Starting Your Exercises FREE PREVIEW
Instructions to respect before starting
Terms You Need To Know FREE PREVIEW
Terms you need to know (Cheat Sheet)
What will you need to start ?
Step By Step Walk Through FREE PREVIEW
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Month 1: Standing Exercises
Instructions for Month 1
01 - Squat
02 - Side Squat Lift
03 -Backlunge
04 - Side Lunge
05 - Crosslunge FREE PREVIEW
06 - Stiff Leg Deadlift
07 -Standing Calf Raise
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Month 1 : Floor Exercises
08 - Kickback
09 - Cross Kick Back
10 - Side Lift Bent
11 - Glute Bridge
12 - Single Leg Glute Bridge
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Month 2: Standing Exercises
Instructions: Month 2
13 - Squat
14 - Side Squat Lift
15 - Back Lunge FREE PREVIEW
16 - Side Lunge
17 - Cross Lunge
18 - Stiff Leg Deadlift
19 - Single Leg Deadlift
20 - Squat Feet Together
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Month 2: Floor Exercises
21 - Kick Back
22 - Kick Back & Side
23 - Glute Bridge
24 - Single Leg Glute Bridge
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Month 3: Standing Exercises
Instructions: Month 3
25 - Squat superset with squat side lift add 15 jumping jacks at the end
26 - Back lunge superset with -side lunge add 15 jumping jack squats at the end
27 - Side Lunge Superset With Jump Squats
28 -Stiff leg deadlift superset with open stiff leg deadlift
29 - Single leg deadlift superset alternating jumps
30 - Squat feet together superset with - standing calf raise
31 - Sumo squats superset with jumping jack squats
32 - Bulgarian split squat superset with step up
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Month 3: Floor Exercises
33 - Kick back superset with -kick back & side
34 - Glute bridge superset with -single leg glute bridge
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