Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to take the courses?

Just internet connection and your laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other modern mobile device. If you can watch a video in 480p then you’ll be able to see the videos of the classes fluently. As Am Learning.it works online you won’t need to install anything.

Will I be able to watch the courses in any device?

Yes as long as you use a moderately modern device.

Are you updating your courses ?

yes we do update the courses regularly. We are conscious that things evolve quickly and we do our best to keep the pace.

Do I have to pay for updates ?

Normally no, the author of the course is informing you and the updates are free.

Can I get a refund if I dont like the course ?

Yes, you have 7 days to ask for a refund. Past this, we cannot proceed your request.

Are you creating the courses yourself or are you merely a platform ?

We do create courses ourselve, this is in fact the chore of the site. However we open the platform to selected teachers. If you want to offer your course, let us know at

courses (add)amlearning.it

If I want to put my courses on Amlearning.it, how do I earn money ?

We select our teachers carefully, but once you start your will receive 80% of the course proceeds. You will need proper documentation. just contact us at courses (add) amlearning.it

What happens if I miss the webinars offered by some classes? Can I watch it later?

Although we recommend you attend the webinar to have a live interaction, you may watch the replay once its posted whenever you want.

Is it possible to download the content of the classes?

This depends on the author of the course. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

How can I get in touch with technical support?

We offer technical support through help (add) amlearning.it .com and Skype : amlearningit

Do you have a community to share questions and Ideas ?

Yes, we have a facebook group where you can share your knowledge and collaborates to enhance everyone's experience on Am Learning.it .

Have an idea or want to request a feature ?

We would love to hear from you. Tell us your suggestions at help (add) amlearning.it